How Can Cutler Financial Help You?


Do you have an existing pension?

I can review your existing pension policy and look at its performance and charges to see if you are getting value for your money.

If you are over 55 I may be able to help you release cash from your pension.

Do you have an old company pension?

I can advise on what options are available for you.

Near to retirement?

I can help you choose between Annuity Drawdown plans.

Suffering from ill health and close to retirement?

You may be able to boost your pension income with an impaired life annuity.

Do you own a company?

I can help you plan for the forthcoming pension legislation and advise on partnership protection.


I specialise in finding low-risk products and plans that produce a better return than cash at the bank or building society to supplement pension income.



Although we offer a restricted advice service, we will recommend investments from the whole of the market. We do not currently advise on            specific types of investment, e.g. unregulated collectives, structured products and off-shore products, eg Investment Bonds, ISA's & PEPS.



We offer independent mortgate advice in the following areas:  Self-Employed (with a minumum of 1 year accounts), First time buyers, Remortgage with fixed rates, Interest only mortgages for retired clients & Equity release mortgages


Full Will Writing  & Estate Planning Service


Non-Investment Protection Contracts

We offer advice on non-investment protection products such as Life Assurance, e.g. term assurance, income protection and critical illness protection, mortgage protection from a range of insurers. 


General Insurance Contracts

We offer advice on general insurance contracts, e.g. buildings and contents insurance & Landlords insurancefrom a range of insurers.


Pre Retirement Planning

Trusts & Inheritance Tax Planning